The Yuni Shara vs Wulan Guritno style battle in a tennis outfit makes your heart flutter, who is cooler?

Hops.ID – Artis Yuni Shara and Guritno monthit is already known to the public for having a beautiful face and ideal body shape.

At every opportunity, the public’s eyes marveled at the figure Yuni Shara and Guritno month because they still look attractive like teenage girls.

Moreover, at the time Yuni Shara and Guritno month posing to show off on the court wearing a tennis outfit.

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If you look at the photos of the two, which one is tempting and makes your heart flutter? Quoted from their Instagram account on January 15, 2023, see in full:

1. Yuni Shara

Yuni Shara wearing a tennis outfit (Photo collage: Instagram @yunishara36)

Artis Yuni Sharafrom the beginning of his foray into the world of homeland entertainment, he has consistently worked as a singer.

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