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The well-known mainland movie commentary account “Have you watched a movie?” has been in operation for 6 years. It has a high popularity on social platforms such as Weibo, bilibili, and YouTube. The total number of viewers exceeds 700 million. Too ruthless” is a popular term on the Internet. Unexpectedly, on the 12th, the operation was announced without warning, which made many fans feel deeply sad.

According to the content of the video released by “Have you watched the movie” on Weibo, bilibili, YouTube and other social platforms on the 12th, in the past 6 years, a total of more than 31,000 movies have been recommended, and the production of 968 commentary videos, with a total viewership of more than 700 million, has accumulated a lot of loyal fans. Now, it is a decision that has been considered for a long time to stop updating videos. Stay in close contact with K-stars (fans) online.”

“Have you watched the movie yet” is composed of narrators “K Cat”, “Xiaoming’s Wife” and “Ade”. It has always appeared as a black cat in the beginning of its self-made movie commentary videos. It sparked the popularity of the Internet phrase “Attention! This man is too ruthless”. In addition, they did not explain the reason for stopping the update without warning, but wrote warmly on the social platform, “Winter is coming, may we accompany each other, and always maintain the love of life, love of movies, and, like Curiosity like a cat”, and at the end of the film, he said, “Thanks to the movie, let us be alone but not alone, and we can have fun together.”

“Have you watched the movie yet” is composed of narrators “K Cat”, “Xiaoming’s Wife” and “Ade”. It always appears as a black cat at the beginning of its self-made movie commentary videos. (Picture/reposted from Weibo/Have you watched the movie yet)

After the news was exposed, many fans reluctantly left messages on the social platform, “Thank you for watching the movie, not all my colleagues at work, who accompany me a lot, whether it is at night or in the shower”, “Your copywriting is really good. , let people know a lot of movies, feel a lot of different truths, and the voice is very warm”, “I have seen it since elementary school, from the exam to the academic test, from the age of 12 to the age of 18, it is really wonderful to have you with me, thank you You guys”, “I feel like I’ve lost my love, this is the best and most professional movie commentary channel I think I do”, “I love your commentary very much, thank you too”.

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