the young woman faces a severe punishment in Russia

Olesya Krivtsova, a resident of Russia’s Arkhangelsk region, may soon be sentenced to ten years in prison for “disseminating terrorist materials and defaming the army.”

Krivtsova, 19, is an active critic of dictator Vladimir Putin.

She has a tattoo of a spider on her ankle with Putin’s face on it. The girl explains that it symbolizes the evil of the master of the Kremlin.

Krivtsova was charged with publishing materials on social networks criticizing Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.

For example, Krivtsova has criticized the Russian government after the bombing on the Crimean bridge. She has published surrender instructions to Russian soldiers and has made scathing comments about the Russian invasion in a private student chat.

The girl is currently under house arrest and is awaiting the verdict. Krivtsova was arrested in early January. Krivtsova was previously fined for her critical comments.

Because of the “crimes”, the girl is included in Russia’s terrorist list, which includes Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban terrorists, as well as many representatives of the Russian opposition.

Photo: SOTA/Telegram

Deprivation of liberty for up to ten years

The prosecution is asking the 19-year-old girl to be sentenced to three years in prison for disrespecting the army and seven years for “terrorism”. The US TV channel CNN reported on Krivtsova’s case.

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