The young man sees the courtyard as a place to sleep after a night spent in Ermelo | Ermelo

Residents of a house in the heart of Ermelo did not know what they had seen last night when they looked out of their bedroom window. In their garden, under the bushes and with his head on the gravel, a young man lay motionless, wearing only a T-shirt. While the temperature was well below 10 degrees.

Not knowing what to do with the situation, they called the police. It quickly turned out that the boy was (relatively) okay, that he had apparently looked too deep into the glass on a night out. So deep that he considered a front garden near Ermelo’s entertainment area a tempting place to sleep to sleep in his intoxication.

After a hangover and fine

Both residents and police officers thought it was a less good plan. After having recovered a little, he left the house with his strength – around half past three in the morning. The young man paid for his nocturnal adventure not only with a heavy hangover, but also with a fine for public drunkenness.

Police say on Instagram they find it surprising that the boy ended up there alone. “Out together? Then go home together!”

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