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The (yet) unsolicited resignation of the Minister of Defense Yanev strained the coalition, is separation possible (Review) – 2024-04-06 17:15:06

/ world today news/ “War!”, Kiril Petkov corrected the moderate term of the former acting prime minister, who described what was happening between Russia and Ukraine as a “special operation”

DB did not submit the request for resignation officially to “Change” and the partners, only informal talks were held

Christian Vigenin from the BSP: To do this in time of war is a grave inadequacy

The still unsolicited resignation of Defense Minister Stefan Yanev has created strong tension in the ruling coalition. The moderate term with which the former acting prime minister described what is happening between Russia and Ukraine as a “special operation” and not as a war, could within hours be the reason for the general’s resignation from the government.

Informed sources confirmed to “24 hours” that the talks are going in this direction. Rumors of a breakup intensified after Sunday

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov made a statement side by side with the Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov,

and not with the Minister of Defense Stefan Yanev. The brigadier himself, who turns 62 on Tuesday, has avoided publicity since his statement on Thursday.

According to reliable sources, over the weekend there were unofficial talks between the four parties about the fate of Yanev, after the discontent of “Democratic Bulgaria” against him erupted.

The former caretaker prime minister is a minister from the “Continuing the change” quota, but he is seen as the “president’s man” in the cabinet. Yanev entered politics as Rumen Radev’s security secretary, and then he was prime minister of both caretaker governments launched by the head of state last year. (See below for more on him.)

In the first days when Yanev joined Kiril Petkov’s team, there were rumors that he was trying to distance himself and emancipate himself from the head of state, but no public confirmation appeared. People from Yanev’s team unofficially shared that Rumen Radev had a conflict with him over some of the rearmament deals.

It is also not clear what the president’s attitude is today towards the incident with Stefan Yanev.

The defense minister angered the right wing by quoting Russian President Putin that what is happening in Ukraine is not a war, but a “special operation”. Yanev then explained that he was deliberately quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin,

for thus neither he nor

NATO closed the door to diplomacy

However, in his statement on Sunday, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov emotionally repeated “war” twice. This was interpreted as a public sign of distinction from the Minister of War.

The initiative for the removal of Stefan Yanev started on Facebook on Friday by activists of “Democratic Bulgaria” through a purposely created group “Resignation of Yanev – Citizen Panorama”. They organized a protest in front of BNT, where the minister participated in “Panorama”.

As a general of the Bulgarian army and a Bulgarian officer, he cannot use the words of President Vladimir Putin – with these words, the first to officially express the concerns of “Democratic Bulgaria” was Ivaylo Mirchev. Mr. Yanev on the first day after the start of war in Ukraine was in our opinion

slightly confused in their assessments and in what terms

must to be used

We are worried about the gross inadequacy of the defense minister, I don’t think he should behave this way when the whole world is at war with the heavy handed dictator, commented the MP from DB on the air of BNT on Saturday.

But the key factor in “Democratic Bulgaria”, such as Mirchev, assured that there was no discord in the coalition.

There is no question of the fall of the government at all, the coalition is stable and its members do not have any serious differences, clarified Mirchev and gave Prime Minister Kiril Petkov an excellent assessment.

Officially, however, DB has not yet submitted the request for Stefan Yanev’s resignation to the partners in the coalition. This was made clear on Sunday by ministers from two of the parties – Daniel Laurer from “Continuing the change” and Kornelia Ninova from BSP.

We have not received a request from DB partners, said Minister of Innovation Daniel Laurer.

Even if there is resignation of one specific Minister,

this will not bring until the fall of the cabinet,

he commented to bTV.

The issue was not discussed at a coalition council – leadership, in the Council of Ministers or in the parliamentary groups, said Deputy Prime Minister Ninova after a meeting of the National Council of the party.

The Minister of Defense is a proposal in the government of “Continuing the change”, so it is good to hear their position first, explained the BSP leader.

In war, the resignation of the Minister of Defense is a grave inadequacy, however, her deputy in the party and deputy head of the parliament, Christian Vigenin, commented on BNT.

The attack against the minister of it’s the defense attack

vs the government,

believes Social Deputy Rumen Gechev. The BSP is a coalition partner and they will not allow themselves to attack a coalition government if it protects the interests of Bulgaria, he was categorical.

And according to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Nikola Minchev, the topic is not on the agenda for the deputies, the government should eventually just decide. However, according to him, Yanev’s statement and the terms he used are not acceptable.

What I see I can only define as war. Different definitions were heard from the executive branch, but the prime minister defined it as a war. That’s how we defined it after the meeting with the president. Yes, the Secretary of Defense uses other, more moderate terms, but in my opinion that is not acceptable. We see the human tragedy on the territory of Ukraine, the invasion of Russia with the aim of conquering territories. This to me can be described as war, Minchev told Nova TV.

I’m not a fan of this cabinet, but it’s not normal during a war to talk about changing the Minister of Defense, commented former Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov.

From the rockets in Asenovgrad through NATO to suspicions of a Putinist

Brigadier General Stefan Yanev caused the most serious test to the stability of the government by repeating the theses of Russian propaganda and the aggressor Vladimir Putin. Because of his words, he is suspected of being some kind of proxy of the Kremlin, although he was a military attaché in the USA and was educated there.

Stefan Yanev was prime minister in the interim government of Rumen Radev, then he took the post of minister of defense in the quadruple coalition government. Yanev is a native of the Plovdiv village of Popovitsa.

He was the commander of a reactive division in the Fourth Army Artillery Regiment in Asenovgrad.

He graduated from the War College at the National Military University in Washington, USA. He was the head of the “Transformations” department at the NATO Counter-Terrorism Center in Ankara. He was a military attaché in the USA for 3 years. Adviser to Rumen Radev and one of the highest-ranking Bulgarians in NATO.

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