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The Yellow Vest Demonstration Movement in France: Explained and its Impact on the 2024 Presidential Election Debate


The yellow vest demonstration movement or ‘The Yellow Vest Movement’ in France became a topic of conversation after being mentioned in 2024 Presidential Election Debate. What exactly is the yellow vest demonstration movement in France?

Summarized by detikcom Monday (22/1/2024), initially the term yellow vest demo was conveyed by vice presidential candidate number 2 Gibran Rakabuming Raka when asking about greenflation to vice presidential candidate number 3 Mahfud Md.

This moment occurred during the question and answer segment between vice presidential candidates in the fourth debate of the 2024 presidential election at the JCC, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Sunday (21/1/2024). Gibran had the opportunity to ask Mahfud.


“How to overcome greenflation?” Gibran asked.

Mahfud then picked up the microphone and reminded the rules that the use of terms should be accompanied by an explanation. The moderator also reminded Gibran.

“In accordance with the terms and conditions…,” said Mahfud, who was then interrupted by the moderator.

“We convey again, please explain the terminology or abbreviations,” said the moderator, who was greeted by boisterous supporters in the debate arena.

Gibran then spoke. He admitted that he did not explain the term greenflation because Mahfud was a professor.

“I didn’t explain this earlier because he is a professor. OK, greenflation is green inflation, as simple as that,” said Gibran.

Gesture Searching for Answers

Responding to this, Mahfud explained about the green economy and the use of food products. After hearing Mahfud’s answer, Gibran then made searching gestures.

Gibran admitted that he was looking for Mahfud’s answer about greenflation which he didn’t find.

“I was looking for the answer, Prof. Mahfud, I was looking for the answer, but I couldn’t find the answer. I asked about the problem of green inflation, why did he even explain the green economy?” said Gibran.

Gibran then explained what he meant about green inflation. Gibran also gave an example, namely the yellow vest movement in France.

“Prof Mahfud, whose name is greenflation or green inflation, let’s just give a simple example, the yellow vest demonstration in France, is very dangerous, it has claimed victims, we must anticipate this so that it doesn’t happen in Indonesia,” he said.

Gibran added that the transition to green energy must be careful. He wants Indonesia to learn from developed countries.

“We learn from developed countries, even developed countries still have challenges. The point is that the transition to green energy must be super careful, don’t end up imposing expensive R and D, this expensive transition process on the little people, that’s what I mean “green inflation, Prof Mahfud,” he said.

About the Yellow Vest Movement in France

Reporting from the Harvard and Reuters websites, the yellow vest movement in France is a grassroots populist movement for economic justice that began in France in October 2018. The movement emerged after an online petition uploaded in May managed to attract nearly one million signatures.

Mass demonstrations of yellow vests began on November 17 throughout France. Crowds wearing fluorescent jackets with high visibility carried out demonstrations.

This movement was motivated by rising fuel prices, high costs of living; the report claims that the burden of the government’s tax reforms is disproportionately borne by the working and middle classes, especially in rural and suburban areas.

Protesters are calling for a reduction in fuel taxes, the reintroduction of a solidarity tax on wealth, an increase in the minimum wage, the implementation of a Citizens’ Initiative referendum, and the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron and the government.

The protests involved demonstrations and blocking roads and fuel depots in France. A number of demonstrations then developed into riots and major attacks. Violence and repression by the police increased. Police used tear gas, water cannon and horses to attack protesters who threw projectiles, set cars on fire and ransacked some shops. The demonstrations have been described as the worst riots to have occurred in the capital since student unrest in May 1968.

The movement has received international attention, and protesters in many places around the world—some with similar complaints, some unrelated—have used the yellow vest as a symbol.

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