The Yankees triumph with great work from Mexican Luis Cessa

The expected debut of Luis Cessa this season with the New York Yankees. The right entered in the seventh inning to bring the artillery out of order. Orioles de Baltimore. The one from Córdoba, Veracruz, hopes to be key in the bullpen of the Bronx bombers, that this campaign have set the objective of returning to the World Series.

It ceases participated in the victory of the Yankees and had an outstanding performance on the mound; the right-hander pitched for 2 full innings, where he had 3 strikeouts with no hit.

The aztec serpentine complemented the left-hander’s quality output Jordan Montgomery, who also did not allow a run after an outstanding work of 6 complete innings, with a balance of 7 strikeouts and 4 hits to score the victory for the Yankees.

The Cuban guy Aroldis Champman busied himself with shooting the ninth inning, thus securing a 7-0 win for the Manhattan mules, who had started the season with two defeats and one victory in the Inaugural Series from MLB against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Stanton and Judge’s cannons awaken

After a poor start to the season, the two main guns of the Yankees —Aaron Judge y Giancarlo Stanton— finally they hit their first squares.

The first was ‘El Juez’, who in the bottom of the fourth inning, hit a slap on Jorge Lopez who went all over right field to put the first line of the game for those of New York.

But the show stole it from him Giancarlo Stanton, the star of the Yankees hit a Grand Slam (the eighth of his career) to overtake the Bombers on the board 6-0.

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DJ LeMahieu put final numbers to the game after hitting an RBI single that brought the register to Jay Bruce.

Tomorrow is announced by the Yankees the stellar Gerrit Cole, who will be looking for his first win of the season. By Baltimore the also right is programmed Dean Kremer.


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