Technology The Xiaomi M365 at 349 € at Boulanger, available...

The Xiaomi M365 at 349 € at Boulanger, available in two colors


Boulanger has launched a new offer on the Xiaomi M365. She sets the price of the scooter to € 349. And be careful, because you even have the choice of color and you can take it in black or white.

The product is of course sold new and it will be shipped within 24 hours. It also comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty. Shipping costs are free, but you can also pick up the scooter in the store so as not to waste time.

The Xiaomi M365 seen from behind

Please note, stocks are limited and the promotion can end at any time.

The M365 at a great price

The M365 is no longer to be presented. The tablet has been very successful since its launch, thanks in particular to all the promotional offers it has received.

Very elegant, the scooter is made in a dark gray or white metal, depending on the version. There are also some red notes on the wheels and handlebars.

But its main strength comes from its form factor. The scooter can fold up on itself. And in this position, it will be much less bulky. So much so that we can even slip it into the bottom of a car trunk.

The battery has the good idea of ​​being protected against overvoltage and undervoltage. In addition, reflectors are present everywhere, the same for lights. If you travel at night, or in the evening, you will therefore remain visible.

The M365 therefore complies with the legislation in place in Europe and France. Legislation that is going to change quite a bit. It cannot therefore exceed 25 km / h. It will be preferable to take note of these developments before choosing your next electric vehicle.

As a bonus, there is an energy saving mode. Be careful though, because the speed will drop to 18 km / h and you will lose a little bit in recovery.

Finally, note that the maximum payload should not exceed 100 kg, which still leaves a little room.

Buy the M365 for 349 €


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