The Xbox Series S won the pre-Christmas battle for the customer

While it runs on some Czech e-shops Black Friday Basically year-round, the United States’ largest discount event of the year is traditionally reserved for the fourth Friday in November. Americans go to Thanksgiving on shops to shop for Christmas.

According to the economic index, this year’s Black Friday is a hit Adobe Digital gaming console Xbox Series S, which outperformed the Nintendo Switch OLED, PlayStation 5 and the more powerful Xbox Series X. The company came to this conclusion after analyzing more than trillion visits to American e-shops and a survey among a thousand traders.

Not that there is no demand for other consoles, the problem is that almost nowhere out of stock. On the other hand, most stores have enough Xbox Series S consoles. This is also the situation on the Czech market. The conclusions of Adobe Digital cannot surprise anyone.

Microsoft’s bold strategy with the introduction of a full-fledged and cheaper console is starting to pay off. Not only will it bite the largest share of pre – Christmas sales, but it will also benefit from higher game sales. Although the Xbox Series S is a less powerful version of the Xbox Series X, it is compatible with all of its games. Customers can be expected to purchase one of the new innovations for the new console, such as Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite, or invest in an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

According to Ampere Analytics, even the Xbox Series S outperformed the more powerful console in total sales, in several important markets. According to Ampere, the success of the S-Series will have a significant impact on digital game distribution revenues, especially in contrast to the PlayStation 5, where physical media sales still predominate.



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