The writer Lorenzo Silva presents the literary works of three civil guards of Córdoba

The writer Lorenzo Silva (Madrid, 1966) has presented the books With your permission my Sergeant, The Civil Guard of Priego de Córdoba (1848-1975) and Verses and Little Tales of a Broken Heart, written by three civil guards of the Comandancia de Córdoba, within the acts of the Institutional Week of the Civil Guard.

Lorenzo Silva, known for his detective novels, starring the Civil Guards Rubén Bevilacqua and Virginia ChamorroHe studied Law at the Complutense University of Madrid and in 2010 he was named an honorary Civil Guard for his contribution to the image of the Corps. Since 1980, he alternated his professional activity with writing and published his first novel in 1995.

Since then he has signed more than 50 books including novels, books dedicated to children’s and youth literature, as well as several essays, among which the crime novel series starring the Civil Guard couple Belvilacqua and Chamorro stands out. In this series, several novels stand out such as The impatient alchemist, with which he won the 2000 Nadal Prize, and The mark of the meridian, winner of the 2012 Planeta Award.

During the event, which was held in the Cajasol Foundation auditorium, Silva discussed with the authors their literary concerns and the reason for their vocation as writers.

The Sergeant Germán Vaqueo, known in the world of humor literature for his previous book Benemeritas anecdotes, is the author of With your permission my Sergeant, work that has been presented in this act. From his first destination in Navia (Asturias), Vaqueo was able to see how many of his services turned into nice and fun situations, before which he decided to unite his two passions, the Civil Guard and writing, and his first book was born from this union. Beneméritas anecdotes, edited November 2010.

His new work is a short story in which the reader can enjoy how the funniest services, the most hilarious interventions and the most bizarre situations become written stories, published first on a blog, then on a website and finally on these books.

The second book that has been presented has been The Civil Guard of Priego de Córdoba (1848-1975), work of agent Rafael Pimentel, who has also published several works in the magazines Civil Guard and considering, the latter from the Lucena Bar Association. He is also the author of three other books, El Castellar de Priego (2012), The Civil Guard of Carcabuey 1895-1975 (2013) y Por the Caminos de Priego de Córdoba (2017).

In his last published work, Pimentel narrates the beginning in 1848 of the coexistence between the town of Priego de Córdoba and the Civil Guard, describes the trajectory of the Benemérita in this town in the south of Córdoba, with a study of the facts that fits to the historical documentation available, very scarce in some periods. The text especially affects the people of the civil guards who made up this post, and it is intended to be a tribute to them in their enormous vocation of service to Prganese society.

Francisco Molero, also an agent of the Civil Guard, is the author of Versos and little tales of a broken heart and He describes in the prologue of his book that he does not consider himself a writer, “not even a bad apprentice poet, but has written this simple book trying to convey his experiences, what he felt in the depths of his soul and what he has not experienced” .

The author says that “if at the end of reading these verses, you have felt a pinch in the stomach, a tightness in the chest or have noticed a tear fall down your cheek, he will be satisfied because he will have awakened hidden feelings, memories lost and, unintentionally, will have touched your soul only with words “.

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