“The Worst Thing About Living in New York: A Young Spanish Woman Reveals Her Experience”

A young Spanish woman who has lived in the United States for more than half a year, more precisely in NYrevealed the worst thing about living in that famous city. The comments of other users were not long in coming and many of them agreed with what she had said.

The user of TikTok @_clarav decided to share his own experience living in the American city with his followers. Despite the fact that he stated that he loves living there, there are some details that he dislikes. “Not everything is as wonderful as it seems”, he remarked.

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The first thing she named was something that she considers completely disgusting, and that when he sees it he “gets goosebumps”. It is nothing more and nothing less than the ratswhich according to the young woman, they are everywhere. “There are rats in the subway, there are rats on the street… Also, they attack you,” she said while commenting that he did not know how to act when he saw one.

A young woman recounted “the worst” of living in New York. (Photo: TikTok/@_clarav)

In the second place of his items, he named the lack of sun. “Even if there is a sunny day, which is rare, because 90% of the days are cloudy, you don’t see it because of the tall buildings,” she said. “It is awful. She had never been so white in my life,” she remarked.

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Last but not least, he emphasized prices. “She had never been to such an expensive city,” she lamented. As an example, the tiktoker announced that a coffee costs around 5 dollars, while a beer costs more or less 10 dollars. “it’s crazy”, he concluded.

A young woman recounted “the worst” of living in New York. (Video: TikTok/@_clarav)

In his post, the comments of other users were not long in coming. “I am from there and I tell you that you are absolutely right. There are more rats than people,” a boy told him. “How sad, without the sun I can’t live,” added a young woman. “Indeed it is so,” confirmed another woman.

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