The worst styling of Empik Bestsellers. Andrzej Stoch went crazy-

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The heir to the Zakopane fortune, Andrzej Stoch Junior, does not stop trying to promote himself in the media. Will he be able to achieve his goal with the help of Aga Grzelak and original styling?


Andrzej Stoch Jr

it got loud at the end of last year, when an anonymous, so far, rich young man attracted almost the entire influencer industry in Poland to a birthday party organized in the style of

Harry Potter

. A huge amount of money was invested in the party, which resulted in rich social media coverage.

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Empik bestsellers – original styling by Andrzej Stoch Junior

As you can see, the media conquest of Mr. Stoch did not end there. On Tuesday, the aspiring celebrity accompanied his partner, a youtuber

Adze Grzelak

on hand

Empik bestsellers

. The boy took care to attract the flash of the flash, even if only for a second. He had prepared a patterned shirt especially for this, probably from Versace, if you believe the antique masks and angular squiggles. In addition, a slightly shabby fur coat with clumsily rolled up sleeves, bare ankles for Vans and a must-have pendant on the forehead. There was a breath of Coachella.

The rest of the article under the video

Kamil Stoch’s behavior says it all about the atmosphere in Zakopane! “I got shivers”

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A little more abstinence was shown by Grzelak, who appeared that evening in a white dress with exposed sides. Unfortunately, against the background of her flamboyant partner, even the pink ends of her hair did not make much of an impression.

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Did you feel inspired by another great success of the young businessman?


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