The Worms will be back soon with the chaotic Worms Rumble

Our favorite maniacal Worms will soon be back with a vengeance and as always, they bring a whole lot of chaos with them. Worms Rumble will be the newest game in this long-running franchise, coming to PS4 and PS5 this year. That was confirmed by Team 17 via a message on the PlayStation Blog.

Worms Rumble abandons classic turn-based combat and instead opts for real-time combat. However, the huge arsenal of weapons and explosions is still there. Is your urge for total chaos starting to itch because of the news? Then we have good news for you, because all PS + subscribers can get started with the open beta from 6 to 8 November. Worms Rumble itself will be released a few weeks later on December 1. The beta itself is also well filled with different modes, including a battle royale. More specifically, you will get access to the following in the beta:

  • Three Game Modes (Deathmatch and our take on Battle Royale “Last Worm Standing” and “Last Squad Standing”)
  • One Arena and Training Level
  • Our Full Launch Arsenal of Weapons (more information coming soon on these!)
  • Two Brand New Utilities – the Jetpack and Grapple Gun!

Check out the new trailer with lots of gameplay below.

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