The worm made a nest in the ear of the Vietnamese

Photo: Video screenshot

Worm removed from Vietnamese ear

The animal spent about a week in the man’s ear canal, causing pain and discomfort. He was taken out at the hospital.

In the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, a man found a worm in his ear, which built a nest there. Newsflare.

It is noted that the victim went to the hospital with complaints of ear pain and the feeling that there was something in the ear canal.

When examined with an endoscope, the doctor found a worm in the patient’s ear canal. It is assumed that he spent about a week there, and crawled when the man was picking fruit from the tree.

The “guest” sealed the ear canal, forming a nest, as a result of which the inflammation began.

To remove the worm, the doctor immobilized it by pouring salt water over it. The remains of the nest were also removed from the male’s ear.

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