The World’s Thinnest 15-Inch MacBook Air unveiled by Apple

– The world’s thinnest 15-inch.


Anders Brattensborg Smedsrud

Apple has tonight unveiled a new MacBook Air with a larger 15.3-inch panel.

This is the very “people’s Mac” – the series Apple sells by far the most – which is finally getting a more grown-up version.

The world’s thinnest

With a thickness of just 11.5 millimeters, the new machine will be the world’s slimmest 15-inch, Apple boasts. At the same time, it weighs in at just 1.5 kilograms. Despite this, the construction is claimed to be just as solid – and of course in aluminium.

The screen has a bezel of just 5 millimeters and is claimed to have a brightness of 500 nits, making it easy to use outdoors or in strong lighting.

Get last year’s system chip

The machine does not get a new processor, but is powered by Apple’s existing M2 chip that they launched last summer.

This has eight processor cores and 10 graphics cores. The performance should be very comparable to the 13-incher we tested a year ago, and as it impressed us tremendously, it must be almost perfectly fine.

Where the performance is very good, we are also promised really good battery life. Apple predicts you up to 18 hours.

And as always, Air is very quiet. You won’t find any noisy fan in it.

The Air 15 offers a magnetic “MagSafe” charging port, along with two Thunderbolt ports for connecting accessories such as a display or external storage.

We pointed out in our test of the 13-incher that it is a shame how the M2 chip does not allow the connection of more than one external display. We expect this limitation will also apply to this larger edition.

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Will be a nice meeting machine

For anyone calling in to digital meetings, the Air 15 boasts a Full-HD HD camera, as many as six speaker elements and three microphones to reproduce and reproduce sound in the best possible way. We have previously praised the sound of Apple’s various laptops.

Starts at almost NOK 20,000

The new Air 15 comes in four different colors and will be available from NOK 19,500. Then with 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage. It can be ordered today, while actual dispatch starts next week.

Has grown for the 2nd time

When the Air range was first introduced – 15 years ago – it was available with an 11-inch screen. In recent years, however, Apple has only offered it as a 13-incher.

Many have missed that the company should give its most affordable laptop series a larger panel, which gives a better overview and greater opportunities for multitasking effectively. This has been in particular demand after Apple dropped the 15-inch version of the MacBook Pro a few years ago, and replaced it with a much more expensive 16-inch version intended for professionals.

Studio gets “world’s fastest processor”

Mac Studio.


For creators – or “the pros” – Apple is also launching a new Mac Studio. Here we are talking about the slightly larger – and much more expensive – older brother of the Mac mini.

This gets a “performance boost” where it becomes available not only with a fast M2 Max chip, but also with a brand new M2 Ultra chip for those who need the very rawest performance.

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According to Apple, the M2 Ultra is “a monster”. From the stage, they call it “the most powerful ever made for a personal computer”.

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