The world order needs reform, said American foreign minister Blinken. He warned against Russia and China – ČT24 – Czech Television

Although Blinken has so far achieved great results and averted great wars thanks to international cooperation, the current system needs to change. “We need to reform the international order and rules that the world has created after the two world wars to prevent further conflicts and promote the rights of all countries,” Blinken said, referring to the UN Charter or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Human rights for all are not Western concepts, they are concepts of the whole world,” he said. According to him, the modernized system should represent the values ​​and hopes of “all nations, large and small, in all regions”.

In addition, it should be able to face current and future challenges that the world could not have imagined seventy years ago. “The very outline of the international order is under great threat. The President of the Russian Federation poses a great threat, attacking the UN Charter with his attack on Ukraine, “said Blinken. Precisely because of the threat to common values, the Allies have united against the Russian invasion, according to the head of American diplomacy.

According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not achieved any strategic goals. Instead of undermining Ukraine’s independence, it strengthened it, it also strengthened the North Atlantic Alliance, the United States and the efforts of other countries to defend the international order.

No one in the current order benefited more than China, Blinken believes

Another challenge, he said, is China’s efforts to transform the world order using its economic and military forces. “Beijing is trying to turn us away from the values ​​we have held for 75 years,” Blinken said.

There is a complex relationship between the United States and China, but the powers will have to come together, he said. According to him, America does not want to start a conflict and a nuclear war. “On the contrary, we want to prevent it all. We do not want to prevent China from becoming a great power, nor do we want to prevent anyone else in these ambitions and economic development. But we must defend the rules that protect peace and human rights, “Blinken said.

He recalled the first visit to China by US President Richard Nixon half a century ago. “China was struggling with poverty and hunger. Today it is a rich country, “he said. According to Blinken, the country achieved this not only through the hard work of the Chinese people, but also through the stability of the international environment. “Apparently no one in this environment benefited more than China,” Blinken said.

However, instead of further promoting stability, Blinken says Beijing is trying to break those rules. “The communist regime in China is more repressive – inside and outside China,” he said, adding that the country used surveillance technology, threatened peace in the South China Sea, violated trade rules around the world and supported governments that violated territorial integrity.

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