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World champion in javelin, Anderson Peters (24), is said to have been attacked during a boat trip in his home country of Grenada on Wednesday evening.


Less than 10 minutes ago

This is reported by several media, including the website Newsday. Grenada’s Olympic Committee also confirmed the attack in a press release.

– The Grenada Olympic Committee has received with sadness the news of the cowardly actions of five individuals who physically attacked our sports icon and national hero, Anderson Peters.

The javelin thrower took WC gold during this year’s championships in Eugene, USA, and defended that gold from the WC in Doha in 2019.

A video circulating on the social media site Twitter shows what is supposed to be Peteres being attacked by five men. The world champion is beaten, laid to the ground and kicked, while he himself tries to fight back. It is unknown what led to the basket attack, according to the website Loop.

According to the user who uploaded the video, Peters should have been thrown into the water towards the end of the riots.

Police in Grenada confirm to Newsday that they are investigating an incident involving Peters, and that the javelin thrower has received treatment for minor injuries. The country’s Olympic Committee confirms the same.

– We have received initial information about the incident and understand that our world champion sustained non-life-threatening injuries after the attack, they write in a press release.

The 24-year-old himself has not commented on the incident.

TOOK WC GOLD: Anderson Peters went to the top in Eugene a short time ago.

The javelin thrower should have been at home in Grenada after he participated in the Commonwealth Games last week. The Games are a championship that follows the pattern of the Olympics, in which nations and states that recognize the British monarch as the head of the organization participate.

In addition to being a double world champion, Peters has both silver and bronze in the Commonwealth Games, as well as gold in the Pan-American Championships in 2019.

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