The works of scientists from ‘CNIO Arte’ will be exhibited in New York


The works of scientists from ‘CNIO Arte’, from the National Cancer Research Center, will be exhibited at the Instituto Cervantes in New York from February 2 to April 15.

As reported by this research center, in the works created for ‘CNIO Arte’, Eva Lootz reflects on genetic manipulation and the origins of molecular biology; Chema Madoz refers to the role of chance inspired by quantum physics; Carmen Calvo fractures memories like those found in the skulls of Atapuerca; Daniel Canogar creates with the big data of life; and Susana Solano encourages us to reflect on the relationship (or lack of relationship) between Europe and Africa.

‘CNIO Arte’ is the pioneering initiative launched five years ago by the CNIO (National Cancer Research Center), with the support of the Banco Santander Foundation, to promote the relationship between art and science.

Every year, since 2018, ‘CNIO Arte’ brings together internationally renowned scientists and artists, so that creators can generate a work inspired by science. The artist Amparo Garrido has been the curator of ‘CNIO Arte’, and Maria Blasco, also scientific director of the CNIO, the executive director.

Throughout five editions of ‘CNIO Arte’, the artists Eva Lootz, Chema Madoz, Carmen Calvo, Daniel Canogar and Susana Solano have respectively worked with the biochemist Margarita Salas (who died in 2019), the quantum physicist Ignacio Cirac, the paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga, computational biologist Sarah Teichmann, and epidemiologist Pedro Alonso.

The director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, defended the art-science pairing. In the catalog of the exhibition in New York he wrote that “when joined, the arts and sciences come closer than ever to her.” [la verdad]. The truth, that chill that illuminates and returns us to the path of being better human beings, always combining, as the poet wanted, beauty and truth”.

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For her part, the director of ‘CNIO Arte’, Maria Blasco, highlighted that “scientists and artists have always looked straight at the unknown, at the darkness and we have not been afraid to enter it, with an open mind, in order to see beyond. Both art and science need creativity, freedom, reflection, curiosity. At the CNIO these ingredients are combined to give rise to the best science”.

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