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“The workplace is the engine of the epidemic,” concludes Medicine v …

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One fifth of infections happen at work, making the workplace the main driver of the epidemic. Education comes second. According to the group practice of Medicine of the People, an initiative of PVDA, this appears from its own source research on Thursday.

The eleven general practices of Medicine for the People conducted their own survey of 517 positively tested patients and concluded that more than 21 percent of the patients who became infected outside the home identified the workplace as a source of contamination. This is followed by education (19.5 pc), contact with the wider family circle (17.3 pc) and leisure activities (15.8 pc).

“Similar results appear from studies from abroad and that goes against the statement of people such as FEB chairman Pieter Timmermans who claim that the workplace is the safest environment”, responds Sofie Merckx, general practitioner at Medicine for the People and federal representative. at PVDA, in a communiqué on Thursday morning. Merckx believes it is high time for additional and compelling measures to protect employees in the workplace.

The general practitioners of Medicine for the People have noted that they are increasingly being told by patients that they are being pressured to continue working and not to respect the quarantine. Sometimes even in patients who have tested positive, they criticize. The PVDA therefore advocates 100 percent income retention in the event of quarantine, a moratorium on redundancies during the crisis and reinforced controls in the workplace.


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