The woman’s husband from Barcelona: The prosecutor’s office there terminated “Barcelonagate”

Borislava Yovcheva

On July 6, the Barcelonagate case was completely terminated by a decree of the Attorney General of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office of Spain. This was announced in a letter to the media by Yordan Hristov, who is the husband of Borislava Yovcheva.

In early 2020, media in Bulgaria and a Spanish newspaper wrote that the Spanish authorities were investigating a money laundering scheme in Catalonia. The names of then-Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and former model Borislava Yovcheva, who lived in a house in Barcelona, ​​were involved.

The Spanish newspaper El Periodico wrote that there is an investigation by the police and the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office in Barcelona.

“I don’t have a house, I don’t have property, I haven’t been to Barcelona. I must have been mayor 15 years ago. I have nothing to do with these companies, I haven’t seen some people in 20 years,” Borissov said at the time.

On 6 July this year, I received an official document informing me that the so-called Barcelonagate case had been finally closed and archived by a decree of the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office, and in particular of the Prosecutor General of the Spanish Special Prosecutor’s Office, Alejandro Luzon Canovas , as of 31.05 and came into force “, Yordan Hristov now announces.

He states that in the course of the investigation in this case no charges have ever been brought and no financial, tax or any other legal claims have been made by the Spanish authorities.

“Moreover, some of the names circulated in the media, including those of politicians, are not even present in the inspection, which did not prevent them from” presenting “in media and political speculations in which my name was involved for 2 years,” points out Mr. Hristov.

He added that with the termination and archiving, he believes that this case will end once and for all.

“I have great respect and esteem for the Spanish judicial system and prosecutor’s office, which are among the most authoritative in Europe and the world, and I would like to declare that in all my actions I have always complied with the requirements of the law and strictly observed rules “, Hristov emphasizes.

“Unfortunately, the logical conclusion of a case that was created, circulated and maintained on the basis of media and political speculation and had little to do with the law cannot give me back my broken nerves or ruined personal life, as well as the severe negatives on my good name and my business “, says Hristov.



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