The woman drove the man for eight kilometers on the hood

Photo: Screenshot video

The man was driving eight kilometers on the hood of the car

The extreme trip took place in the Leningrad region. According to media reports, it was caused by a family quarrel.

A resident of St. Petersburg drove the man eight kilometers on the hood of the car. Video of the unusual trip, which was recorded by traffic cameras, appeared on You Tube.

According to the Telegram channel LIFE SHOT, an extreme trip ended a family quarrel.

At the beginning of the video, you can see how a woman approached the parked car and got into the driver’s seat. Then an agitated man ran up to the car, but he could not get inside.

Then he tried to block the road, but the woman behind the wheel did not stop it and she stepped on the gas. The man was on the hood and thus drove about eight kilometers from Krasnoe Selo to Yalgelevo in the Leningrad Region. He did not get out of the car at any of the traffic lights.

It is not known how the incident ended.

Recall that a similar story happened in St. Petersburg in 2019. Then the girl is more than a kilometer away drove the obsessive boyfriend on the hood your car.

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