The woman accused of the accident on the ring road: Everyone exceeds the speed limit, he is not a geek, he does not take drugs – Crimes – Bulgaria – NOVA news


However, alcohol and cocaine were found in his blood

The wife of the driver accused of the accident with a victim on the Sofia ring road spoke with NOVA. You denied that Dimitar Lubenov uses drugs. However, his tests of him showed that he was sitting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

“He doesn’t take drugs, he’s not a thug, he’s not a drug addict, he’s not a geek,” the woman told the 39-year-old man.

Cocaine and alcohol in the blood of the driver who caused the accident on the ring road

According to data from the “Traffic Police”, he has unpaid speeding fines worth almost 2,000 BGN. And his wife admits that there were times when the man drove faster.

“Everyone is accelerating, but it’s not about driving at 100-200 km / h. If it’s 50, he should be driving 70. I don’t think these slips show that he likes high speed,” added the woman.

“And apologizing, apologizing won’t bring anything back. Apparently it’s a kind of fate for all of us, “she concluded.

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