‘The Witches Game’ PD “I will show you the best ratings of daily dramas”

Actress Jang Seo-hee returns to the lead role after 5 years … mother-daughter revenge

MBC Daily Drama “The Witch’s Game”

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Myung-eon Oh = “We will provide healthy stimulation with a natural flavoring, not MSG (monosodium glutamate).”

At the production presentation held online on the 6th, PD Lee Hyung-sun, who directed MBC’s daily drama ‘The Witch’s Game’, said: “I will show you a high level of daily drama by producing detailed and rapid content development. stylish video and music. ” he revealed

Producer Lee said, “When development is sloppy and sloppy, you hear a voice called ‘drama’, but ‘The Witch’s Game’ hasn’t lost the chance.”

Actors Jang Seo-hee and Kim Gyu-sun work together as a mother and daughter in the drama.

Jang Seo-hee, who returned to the small screen after 5 years, said: “‘Is this revenge drama again?’ I want to show viewers a performance that exceeds expectations.

Jang Seo-hee takes on the role of Seol Yu-kyung, who lives as a faithful servant, keeping her head down and holding her breath to take revenge on the Cheonha group president.

He said, “I’m not married and have no children, so I’m trying to study things I haven’t experienced. I’m sure viewers will forget my name and remember it as ‘Seol Yu-kyung’.”

Kim Gyu-sun takes on the role of Jeong Hye-soo, the daughter of Seol Yu-kyung. Even though she loses her lover for 10 years to a friend, she is full of positive energy and strong character.

Kim Gyu-sun said: “I was bullied a lot by the characters Joo Se-young and Kang Ji-ho.” “Joo Se-young laughed and scratched me with harsh words, and Kang Ji-ho hurt me by pouring out my true desires and feelings.”

So, he chose “surprisingly fast development every time I get a new script” as a point to watch.

Actor Oh Chang-seok plays Kang Ji-ho, who miserably abandons his common law lover who supported him in preparing for the bar exam.

Oh Chang-seok laughed, saying, “I’ve played a lot of villains in previous plays, but this time I’m not a bad character due to an inevitable situation, but a really bad character by nature.”

First broadcast at 7:05 pm on 11.

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