The winning goal of the Sparta players against Hradec should not have been valid, Krejčí missed the ball

Sparta’s winning goal on Saturday in the tenth round match of the first league against Hradec Králové should not have been disallowed for offside. According to the Referee Commission of the Czech Football Association (FAČR), home captain Ladislav Krejčí Jr. moved the ball to shooter Jan Kuchta with a light head.

On the contrary, the referees correctly assessed another questionable moment in the match between Bohemians 1905 and Pilsen, when in the 54th minute they did not award a penalty in favor of the guests.

Sparta were losing 0: 1 to Hradec and, moreover, from the 29th minute they played without Tomáš Čvančara, who was sent off, but between the 52nd and the 57th minute he overturned the score to the final 2: 1. The goal difference was scored after Krejčí moved the ball slightly with his head towards the goal in Kuchta. Head referee Martin Nehasil then addressed the situation with video referee Václav Štěrba for a few minutes, but in the end the goal was still valid.

In an interview for O2 TV, Nehasil said he asked Krejčí twice if the ball bounced, but he denied it. Kuchta also said in an interview with reporters that there were no leaks. According to the referees commission, the football was only visible from one camera angle and, as VAR was unsure, recommended that the goal be conceded.

In the match Bohemians v Plzeň (1: 1), visiting midfielder Václav Pilař reached into the goal, put the ball in and fell after being tackled by defender Lukáš Hůlka. Although contact was established on the basis of replays, referee Miroslav Zelinka, after consulting with video referee Tomáš Kocourek, allowed play to continue.

The arbitration commission accepted Zelinka’s decision. According to her, Hűka “first hit the ball with his left foot and then lightly hit the attacker’s foot (Pilař) with his inertia. The referee followed the progress of the set throughout the match, when he did not blow the whistle. fouls for small contacts between the players of both teams “.

As an example, the commission cited the situation in the 49th minute, when Pilař stepped on the foot of home player Petar Hronka in his own penalty area. Also in this case Zelinka did not order the penalty kick. The commission stated that Zelinka “gave an excellent performance and contributed to the quality of the match”.

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