The winner of MasterChef Besky spoke about dreams and relationships

Besky will not forget the finals of the MasterChef Czech Besky competition. Her life was turned upside down. The winner of Besky is now in one round and, in addition to her newfound fame, she is enjoying an internship with Radek Kašpárek, for example.

The winner of this year’s MasterChef Czech series is 26-year-old Veronika, who no one says otherwise than Besky. “The mixture of feelings is unidentifiable. People will expect something from me to confirm my title,” says the winner.

And that’s why he won’t be idle for a minute after winning the title and he’s still trying to improve and work on himself. And so she went for the experience to the most professional, her mentor Radek Kašpárek.

When she chose Radek Kašpárek as her mentor at the casting for the competition a few months ago, it never occurred to her that sometime in the future she could go on an internship to his Michelin-starred restaurant Field.

“When I filled out the entry questionnaire, which was where you would like to intern, I laughed at Field. After a year, I stand here and I don’t know if it’s a dream or a reality. It’s an incredible feeling and an honor, the beginning of an internship. it means a lot to me here, “says the winner.

On the other hand, Radek was immediately clear about what was hidden in the Beskydy Mountains. He revealed it as soon as MasterChef came into the kitchen. The title of MasterChef Česko opens up incredible possibilities for chefs, so Besky already knows that he will definitely grab these opportunities and hang the career of an account manager for a while (or maybe forever) on a nail.

“I have more dreams. The biggest of them is her own cooking show. But you need to dream, I’ve already made sure that the dreams come true. One of the more realistic ones is to publish a cookbook in May 2022. Her next dream is to have her own cooking classes and baking, ”he says.

Not only about cooking, but now her life will be for a while. After all, she became a TV star in a few months. Can the competition bring her any love? “We’re at MasterChef and not Love Island, so I’m not looking for anyone. I’m looking for recipes,” the likeable cook said at the end.

Lucie Králová,



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