The Windows 11 update is causing serious performance issues on Nvidia graphics cards

Many gamers report serious performance issues on Nvidia graphics cards after installing the update Windows 11 2022 (Windows 11 22H2) que a Microsoft launched earlier this week.

Gamers report cases of stuttering, inconsistent framerates, and slowdowns, even on fast PCs with modern components.

A Nvidia has already publicly acknowledged the problem and said the problem is caused by some new graphics debugging features in Windows that are activated by mistake and are already working. to work in one solution.

for now the Nvidia has released a new beta version of Geforce experience which he claims should solve the problem. This means that the problem is in the Geforce experience And Nvidia and not in the drivers themselves Geforce so the drivers were installed without the software Geforce experienceyou may not have noticed the slowness caused by the Windows update.

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