The wind is starting to get stronger in Latvia; Gusts up to 35 m / s recorded on the Finnish coast – Weather – TVNET

At night, on the islands off the west coast of Finland – in the Gulf of Bothnia – the wind gusts increased to 35 m / s.

The average wind speed in some places reached 29 m / s, which is a very strong storm according to the Beaufort scale.

In the morning, on the islands in the northwest of Estonia, the wind has reached the force of a storm – 21 m / s, in gusts 29 m / s.

The air temperature in Latvia has dropped to +8 .. + 13 degrees. In many places it is raining for a while, the sky is clearing at times.

It rains sometimes in Riga and the north, northwest wind blows in the center of the city in gusts at a speed of up to 14 m / s, the air temperature is +12 degrees.

The maximum air temperature on Wednesday in the observation network of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center was from +20.4 degrees in Liepaja to +27.4 degrees in Bauska.

The highest air temperature in Europe on September 16 was +34 .. + 36 degrees in Spain, France, Italy and the Balkans, as well as +38 degrees in Cyprus. Lowest night air temperature on Thursday -5 degrees in the mountains of Norway.


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