The wife who pricked her husband in Mampang was often beaten, Police: Often noisy because of the economy

JAKARTA, – RK (35), suspect in the case stabbing Sirinya’s husband, HS (34) to death, often becomes an outlet for her husband’s anger.

RK was the backbone of the family before being laid off five months ago. RK became a victim of layoffs because his place of work was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Indeed, it is often noisy. So the husband and wife of this Siri marriage are often noisy. Then because indeed her husband is unemployed and his wife has worked as a waiter (in a restaurant) and is currently Covid-19, there is no income,” said Mampang Police Chief, Sujarwo when releasing the stabbing case. at Mampang Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (7/8/2020).

Sujarwo said that HS often beat RK based on RK’s information. During their life together, HS and RK often fought.

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“If the husband does odd jobs, sometimes markers, sometimes he has no income. This is sometimes what is thought to have resulted in an unstable economy, he often gets angry with his husband,” said Sujarwo.

They live in a boarding house on Jalan Bangka VII C, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta. The boarding house is in a narrow alley.

“You can’t even use a motorcycle,” said Sujarwo.

The last one was fighting over Rp30,000 in cash

The argument between HS and RK resulted in HS stabbing him to death. HS died at the hands of his own wife, RK. This incident started when HS asked RK for Rp.30,000 to buy cigarettes. However, HS’s emotions were ignited because RK could not fulfill his request.

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“The husband asked his wife for Rp.30,000. Because his wife has no income, this is angry with the husband, then bickering, ”said Sujarwo.

The squabbles turned into physical fights. HS had hit RK, causing bruises to his head.

“When he threatened with the knife, he then grabbed it. When his wife grabbed him, he was immediately pushed and then stabbed with a wound in the chest,” added Sujarwo.

After being stabbed, HS left the house to chase RK. HS chased his wife to the house of his in-laws which was about 150 meters from the boarding house where they lived.

People who saw HS fell and then took HS to his parents’ house.

“And then there (Mrs. HS) tried to be treated on her own, not being taken to the hospital. However, at around 15.30 his parents informed him (of the HS condition) to the Puskesmas, ”said Sujarwo.

RK has now been arrested and stabbed in Mampang police station. As a result of his actions, RK was subject to Article 351 Paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code with the threat of a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.

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