“The whole village is covered in blood.” In the Russian village, they want to transfer schoolchildren to distance learning due to the invasion of wolves – media

The director stressed that the situation is dangerous and that she has already expressed concern to the education department and the head of the village.

“I see traces of wolves’ activity all the time, they walk around the house. We treat the statements of parents with understanding, the main thing for us is the safety of children … I hope that measures will be taken very quickly,” she said.

Local residents told the publication that wolves appeared in the village in mid-December 2020. Then people turned to the authorities, but the administration did not solve this problem.

“Then nothing was done, and the wolves, apparently, multiplied. This year, the visits of predators began in August. And in October, they began to remove the dogs from the chains and drag them into the forest. Drag along the snow, the whole village is covered in blood,” said the resident village Oksana.

Since the beginning of autumn, residents have repeatedly turned to the municipality administration with requests to report wolves to the relevant district departments, but the Department of Subsoil Use and Natural Resources of the region said that they received only one appeal from the Zelenoborsk administration – on November 1.

“I think an order will be signed on the regulation of the number of wolves, several licenses for shooting will be distributed. I hope we can do everything to reassure the inhabitants,” said Lyudmila Gubatykh, a consultant for regulating the number of wildlife objects.


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