The whole network is talking about those Burgas policemen who … PHOTO

Burgas police officers tried to help a stranded driver on the busy Todor Alexandrov Blvd. Ivan Ivanov, administrator of the group “Drive in Burgas”, happened to witness a good gesture, “Flagman” writes.

“I saw that the car had broken down. I stopped right after it, I went to ask what they needed. A police patrol stopped after me. At first I thought it would fine people for not putting a triangle, not having a vest, making a remark or They began to pick on each other, and they, quite human, came and tried to help.

They provided moral support and stayed where they were until it became clear that the car was in need of major repairs, and after I called for roadside assistance, they left. Admiration that they acted so HUMAN and tried to cooperate and stood to the last “, commented Ivan Hristov Ivanov.