The White House was confused! Trump calls for repeal of US Constitution To reverse 2020 election results, he lets ‘Joe Biden’ win

Agencies – Yesterday(3 Dec) Former US President Donald Trump called on his social media platform to end the US Constitution. used since the founding of the country To reverse the 2020 election results for yourself as the winner. Stunned White House spokesman Point out that it is a statement that deserves to be condemned.

CNN reported on Tuesday (Dec. 3) that former US President Donald Trump continued to rhetorically reject the 2020 election result he lost to US President Joe Bi.

And most recently, on Saturday (3), Trump called via Truth Social, his social media platform. to end US constitutional law, saying

“Did you throw away the results of the 2020 US presidential election and name the rightful winner? Or do you have a new selection again? A massive fraud of this type and scale could allow the abolition of every rule and clause even contained in the United States Constitution.

US media reported that in Truth Social, Trump, in addition to calling for the repeal of the US Constitution, also accused America’s high-tech giants of working closely with the Democratic Party, saying: “The founding father of a great nation. Our greats do not want and do not allow wrong and fraudulent elections!”

The Republican’s complaint came after the revelation of an internal Twitter email showing a 2020 attempt at a New York Post story about computer finds, the laptop of Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates said on Saturday that his call deserved widespread condemnation, saying in a statement that:

“You don’t just have to love America when you win.”and said angrily:

“The law of the United States Constitution is a sacred document that has existed for over 200 years as a guarantee of freedom and the principles of the rule of law in our country. The constitution brings together Americans regardless of party, and elected leaders have promised to enforce it. It is the greatest monument to all Americans who sacrificed their lives to defeat a selfish dictator who abused power and violated fundamental rights.”

US media reported it Earlier this week, former US President Donald Trump voiced his support for the rioters behind the January 6, 2021 US Capitol riot during his fundraising day for the match. “In my opinion people have been treated unconstitutionally and very unfairly and we will get to the roots.”

Trump previously suffered a major defeat after filing in the US Court of Appeals to allow special experts. Master) investigates confidential White House documents seized by the US Department of Justice A private mansion in Florida must have fallen.

CNN reported Thursday that the 11th District Court of Appeals ruled that “The law is clear,” he said. “We cannot write a rule that allows any search warrant to preclude US government investigations after the warrant has been executed. We also cannot write a rule that only allows former US presidents to do this.”

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