The White and the Black, Venetians: “Conte wordio of nothing”. Fini: “We are the health dictatorship”

The latest measures launched by the Conte government have raised social tensions in various cities and have thrown entire categories of production into panic and despair. The contradictions of the last Dpcm are many and the light at the end of the tunnel seems far away. Here’s what the writers Massimo Fini and Marcello Veneziani think for the column Il Bianco e il Nero.

What do you think of the latest DPCM? Are we entering a “health dictatorship”?

Purposes: “Absolutely yes, in the sense that no dictator, not even Mussolini, not even Hitler, not even Caucescu had kidnapped people at home as is happening today. It is a particularly annoying dictatorship because it comes under the name of democracy, if it has to be so, better a dictator and do away with this hypocrisy “.

Venetians: “We have entered a global health dictatorship since last March and we have not left it. A dictatorship attenuated by inconsistency and inefficiency. The established regime is fear, a power based on the terror of disease. Moreover, the Chinese reference model is restless. “.

What value do the protests of Rome and Naples against lockdown have? Do you share them?

Purposes: “I agree and since I believe this is a dictatorship, the dictator can be answered in a violent way, it is true that there will be mafia members, Camorra members etc etc in the middle, but I believe that there are also completely normal citizens”.

Venetians: “They have value as symptoms of a wider and more understandable malaise. Apart from violent infiltrations, they are indicative of popular malaise. That said, no street rebellion, no masaniello produces changes that improve the general picture.”

De Luca said that in that square there were pieces of the Camorra, pieces of social centers, pieces of fascists and pieces of m … Doesn’t that seem a bit reductive analysis?

Purposes: “It is an understatement because certainly these elements are there but there are also exasperated, normal people who are not part of the Camorra or the Mafia and as regards the social centers it seems to me that they are legitimate as such”.

Venetians: “De luca drank his brain, he made the guappo e’cartone when the covid hit to the north, boasting the Salute Campana. Then the proof of the facts showed that it was all appearance and guapparia”.

What are the faults, the shortcomings or the responsibilities of the government and the Regions?

Fini: “The error lies at the start and that is to have wanted to contain the virus at all costs, it is obvious, I had foreseen it from the beginning, that as soon as you release the pressure for a moment, the spring snaps you and takes you towards where you were before, so there is this continuous stop and go, if we simply want to think of restaurateurs, but it applies to all entrepreneurs, you put things back together because they tell you that they will reopen, then actually reopen but shortly after they close again, and therefore all the money you spent to get up to standard you can basically stick in your ass.

Venetians: “The main fault is having generated alarm, making all responsibility fall on the conduct of citizens, without having equipped anything at a health and structural level in recent months. And they continue to blame all the contagion on private choices (nightlife, bars, restaurants) not seeing the most serious public shortcomings (transport, school, infrastructure, territorial medicine). They are giving an ethical reading rather than an effective practical answer “.

Conte said that if he were on the other side he would be angry too, what is a mockery or a veiled admission of guilt?

Purposes: “No, it’s not a joke. Conte, having followed this line of containment of Covid, goes on accordingly only that the response in general is totally disproportionate to the danger because the deaths from Covid are 0.15% of the Italian population , let’s also assume that if I had not made the containment they had been double. I make the parallel with the deaths of cancer per year which are 193 thousand. Well, if you did not contain Covid the deaths would have been fivefold and it would be 100 thousand? below those from cancer. If we published those who died from cancer every day we would have the same devastating effect on people’s psychology. You see, in ’57 -60 we had the Asian who was as aggressive as Covid and yet we just didn’t do the curfew, but none of the measures implemented now.In my opinion there is a general madness that does not concern the Conte government, but the change of mentality of the citizens for which death, even hypothetical like this, is not accepted. We were used to the idea that sooner or later we die “.

Venetians: “He is part of his advocate piacionismo, the pandering demagogy of a rumor of nothingness”.

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