The West Papua Health Office is waiting for the Ministry of Health’s technical guideline regarding HPV vaccination

Head of the Public Health Division of the West Papua Health Office Dr. Feny Mayana Paisey during an interview in Manokwari, Thursday. (ANTARA/Franciskus Salu Weking) – The West Papua Provincial Health Office is still waiting for technical instructions (juknis) from the Ministry of Health regarding the implementation of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.

“We are still waiting for technical guidelines from the Ministry of Health,” said Head of the Public Health Division of the West Papua Health Office, Dr. Feny Mayana Paisey, in Manokwari, Thursday.

While waiting for the juknis, he said, outreach and education for young women in all schools was routinely carried out.

This effort aims to increase women’s understanding of the dangers of cervical cancer.

“We have done this in schools in West Papua,” he said.

He hopes that the HPV vaccination will be carried out well, without any rejection from the community in the local area.

Because, the HPV vaccination is useful for prevention as well as reducing cases of cervical cancer suffered by women.

“So that’s the purpose of outreach and education,” he said.

So far, the West Papua Health Office has been intensely carrying out Acetic Acid Visual Inspections (IVA) to detect cervical cancer as early as possible.

The IVA test is a screening test for pap smears targeting women who have had sex or women over 21 years of age.

Early detection of cervical cancer is not only carried out by the service, but also the PKK and Posyandu in each district in West Papua.

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“The IVA test is useful for us to see whether cervical cancer is present or not,” said Feni.

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