The weather tomorrow, Tuesday: thunderstorms in Cairo… and an atmospheric phenomenon


Monday 02 January 2023

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

The Meteorological Authority has announced a map of weather phenomena expected for tomorrow, Tuesday 3 January 2023, as meteorologists have forecast that cold weather will prevail in the early morning, mild during the day in the north of the country, up to northern Upper Egypt, moderate temperature in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, cold at night in most parts.

As for meteorological phenomena, Cairo and the Gulf of Suez witness light rains in the evening, which can be thunderstorms of 30%, with the presence of water mist, and the temperature is recorded at 20 degrees, and the south Lower Egypt is experiencing light rain, even medium and sometimes thunderstorms, of 40%, with the presence of water spray, a record 40%. The temperature is 20 degrees.

The northwestern coasts and northern Lower Egypt are exposed to moderate rains, which can be heavy and sometimes thunderstorms, with a rate of 60%, and the temperature registers 19 degrees, and the mountain ranges of the Red Sea are exposed to light rains , which can be moderate and sometimes stormy, at 40%, and the temperature registers 23 degrees.

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