The weather at the beginning of the week is sunny without a temperature adjustment – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The Department of Meteorology of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation expects that Monday will be sunny without a slight change in temperature, with humidity that will remain low.

The bulletin stated the following:

General condition: in the coming days the stable and relatively dry autumn climate dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean. The average temperature for the month of September on the coast is between 24 and 32 degrees. For those benefiting from solar energy, the weather this week is clear to slightly cloudy.

Estimated time in Lebanon:

Sunday: Sunny with a limited rise in temperatures in the mountains and inland, while it remains without slight variations on the coast and a drop in humidity. Winds are also active during the day, especially in the north of the country.

Monday: sunny with few temperature variations with low humidity.

Tuesday: Sunny with little variation in daytime temperatures, while nighttime temperatures drop, especially in the Bekaa, with low humidity.

Wednesday: Clear to partly cloudy with a slight drop in temperatures and a slight increase in humidity.

Expected temperatures: on the coast from 20 to 31 degrees, in the mountains from 14 to 25 degrees, inland from 15 to 32 degrees.

Surface winds: from north to northeast. Its speed is between 10 and 35 km / h.

Visibility: good.

– Relative humidity on the coast: between 45 and 65%.

State of the sea: low waves. Surface water temperature: 27 ° C.

Atmospheric pressure: 1016 HPA, which is equivalent to: 762 mm Hg.

Source: National Agency

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