The water mass flows through the city of Chiang Mai quite a lot. The governor ordered to watch out for 7 districts in Thai Nam, Wang 1-2 today.

The governor of Chiang Mai cares about the people. reiterate all departments Surveillance areas in 7 districts in Thai Nam

on August 14 Mr. Prajan Pratsakul Governor of Chiang Mai Province Issued a fax to the sheriff of Chiang Mai, Hang Dong, San Pa Tong, Doi Lo, Chom Thong, Hot and Doi Tao. flowing wild water water overflowing the bank and soil slides in many areas of the province From August 11-13, due to the influence of the storm “Mulan”, a total of 7 districts, 25 sub-districts, 98 villages were affected and more than 3,000 people were affected.

Initially, the Chiang Mai Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Division reported the flood situation at 1:00 PM. It was found that the Nawarat Bridge area or point P.1 had a water level of 3.41 meters, with a water volume of 430.40 cubic meters per second. which tends to decrease Meanwhile, the highest water level today was measured at 444.80 cubic meters per second at 9:00 a.m.

Governor of Chiang Mai Province as the provincial director Therefore, the local administrative organizations, sub-districts, village headmen, community leaders, as well as all relevant agencies were ordered to monitor the situation in the 7 districts of Tai Nam and prepare for personnel, machinery, work tools. to be ready to provide assistance and mitigate impacts on people immediately by asking to use the guidelines according to the district’s flood response plan as well as giving warnings and public relations to people living in flood-prone areas monitor the water situation prepare to cope By following the instructions of the government, such as the storage of assets moving equipment up to a height and preparing to move the vehicle to a safe area

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