The warning of the Northern countries to the European Union: “No intervention on gas and electricity”

The note is signed by Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Latvia. And the request directly touches on a topic that is being discussed in the Parliament of several States, including Italy:soaring energy prices. The request made by the Northern countries to the European Union is not to intervene in any way in the gas and electricity market: “We cannot support any measure that represents a departure from the competitive principles of our design of the electricity and gas market. “. Therefore, no controlled prices and no help to reduce costs. The nine governments that signed the note underline that the choice to introduce containment tools could also jeopardize the transition to cleaner energy sources:

‘Alternative market design approaches, for example in the form of price limits or technology-dependent average prices based on the national mix, can seriously jeopardize security of supply; increase the costs of integrating the variable generation of renewable energy in the long term ».

In Italy, the government wants to increase the funds of the Maneuver to stem the rise in bills. The League asked to divert a portion of funds from Basic income to fight your own expensive bills. The November 30 a delegation made up of Giancarlo Giorgetti, Riccardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo went to Palazzo Chigi to deal with Mario Draghi on this very issue: “We have expressed to the Prime Minister a strong concern about the expensive bills, which risks reducing the benefits of the tax cut, suggesting that he intervene by recovering resources from the reform of the citizen’s income”. According to the president of the Electricity and Gas Authority Stefano Besseghini, at the beginning 2022 the increases on bills could come to 45 percent for electricity and al 31 percent for gas.

Cover photo: ANSA | The towers of the power plant in Jaenschwalde, Germany

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