The warmth wave forces southern farmers to harvest wheat early

There will be modest improvements in the time division more than the weekend. The south carries on to suffer from the warmth identified from Spain. To the north, the cloudy fields stay, but hardly any rain falls from them. On Saturday, compact cumulus clouds and isolated hefty showers or thunderstorms are doable with large rains in the northwest and west, partly to mid-working day, later on in the day. Highs on the sea from 19 to 23, in any other case from 27 to 35, in the west and southwest regionally up to 38 levels. The wind picks up yet again.

Sunday night lows are 21 degrees on the Higher Rhine earlier mentioned the each day highs of the North Sea, the place it cools down to 13 degrees at evening. Cloudy in the north and north-west on Sunday with isolated showers or quick thunderstorms. Or else usually sunny at the starting, then in the west, in the middle and in the southwest as nicely as in the Alps in addition cumulus clouds and individual thunderstorms, often strong, with sturdy meteorological likely. Utmost values ​​in the north and northwest from 19 to 24 levels, if not from 26 to 34 levels, in the south and in eastern Saxony up to 36 levels.

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