“The war of Russia is like the war of al-Basous” … Look … a “Saudi” political analyst comments on Putin’s decision regarding military mobilization!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi political analyst commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to announce a partial military mobilization to fight in Ukraine. He described the decision as “the right one”.

nuclear weapons

And he said, during a video clip, which he posted on his account on “Tik Tok”, that the Russian-Ukrainian war has entered a very different and dangerous turn and that the possibilities of using nuclear weapons have increased.

Russian-Ukrainian battle

He continued: “In the past, Russia supported the separatists and the air command was Russian, but on the ground the leadership was one of the separatist collaborators, so now the battle has become a Russian-Ukrainian battle after NATO intervention and is become the one who fights on the ground and in the Ukrainian sky “.

Facing the western tide

And he continued, Russia has had to seek expert assistance to deal with this Western and American tide that actually existed on the ground, which is why Russia is fighting for its existence and will not give up, either it will be victorious or completely crushed forever and give his neck to his enemies and become a plunder for the hungry and the dogs. Emphasizing that Russia no longer has an enemy, but rather has the West and America in the lead.

Al-Basous War

He went on to say that Russia’s war is like the war of al-Basous, the war of the “sons of the commons,” which lasted 40 years.

He added, the war will be prolonged, but Russia will make the appropriate decisions at the right time and the gradual mobilization of 300,000 will take about 6 months and the soldiers will come together in batches to destroy the Ukrainian forces.

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