The wanted criminal Erdan Shangbing Chen Jiaxun receives a visit from the New Taipei Police in his hometown, resulting in his uncle being scolded for the loose talk of the infamous fugitive| Sanli News Network SETN.COM | Society.

Reporter You Chenglin / New Taipei Report

▲The police went to investigate. (Photo/photographed by reporter You Chenglin)

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Chen Jiaxun, a volunteer soldier from the Lieyu Garrison Brigade of the Ministry of Defense of the Jin Dynasty, disappeared in China on the 9th and appeared in China. The Kinmen District Prosecutor’s Office officially issued a wanted report yesterday (17th), and Sanli News visited today (19th). Yuan Chen is located in his hometown in Banqiao, New Taipei City. When the police came to visit, the uncle answered the door and said that his nephew had not lived here for a long time after he joined the army. Then the conversation changed and he denounced “the famous talkers are talking nonsense!” He planned to sue the famous talkers.

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▲The uncle scolded “The big talkers are talking nonsense!” (Photo/photographed by reporter You Chenglin)

It is reported that the 26-year-old Chen Jiaxun was dispatched to the Erdan garrison team as a kitchen soldier in November 2020. After disappearing in the early morning of March 9, he immediately issued a notice of leaving the camp on the morning of the 10th and notified the Kinmen District Prosecutor’s Office , Kinmen Gendarmerie and other units launched investigations, and the MAC also confirmed on the 13th that member Chen is still in China.

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▲The police officers visited the scene. (Photo/photographed by reporter You Chenglin)

The Kinmen Prosecutor’s Office yesterday (17th) based on the fact that Mr. Chen deserted the army, determined that he had violated Article 39, Item 1 of the “Army, Navy and Air Force Criminal Law” “Those who intend to leave or fail to serve for a long time” and Article 40 of the same law. 1 item “Leaving without reason or not serving for more than 6 days” is officially issued as a wanted list, and the statute of limitations for prosecution is 20 years; besides the 300,000 loan owed to the bank, does Mr. Chen have any other arrears, or is it due to emotional factors, etc. The situation will only desertion, and it will not be clarified until he is repatriated to the country after further investigation.

▲The police went to Mr. Chen’s hometown to investigate. (Photo/photographed by reporter You Chenglin)

However, “Sanli News Network” visited Chen Yuan’s hometown in Banqiao, New Taipei City today (19th). , I haven’t lived here for a long time, and then changed the subject and said, “The famous talkers are talking nonsense!” Threatened to sue.

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