Dear Reuben,

I see what you did therekid.

Just quote exactly what you said after the VVD congress wrote: “The influx of asylum seekers must be reduced. The government is rightly making every effort to come up with a package of measures. That should be there before summer. As the VVD party, we will critically weigh the outcome of this. And don’t rule anything out in advance.”

Caroline van der Plas of BBB jumped in with open eyes.

You could almost hear her count.

“Sunday, June 4…”

“Monday, June 5…”

“Tuesday, June 6…”

“Wednesday, June 7…”

“Thursday, June 8…”

“Friday, June 9…”

“Saturday, June 10…”


“Sunday, June 11…”

“Monday, June 12…”

“Tuesday, June 13…”

“Wednesday, June 14…”

“Thursday, June 15…”

“Friday, June 16…”

“Saturday, June 17…”

“Sunday, June 18…”

“Monday, June 19…”

“Tuesday, June 20…”


“Wednesday 21! Bye bye, Rutte 4! Bye bye, Sigrid Kaag! Bye bye, whole CDA! Bye bye, melon swallowers of the ChristenUnie! Bring on those elections.”

Because Caroline van der Plas sometimes still takes VVD members at their word.

And she used to learn that summer starts on June 21.

And she learned in the past that you can’t lie.

And she learned in the past that you shouldn’t make empty promises.

So she assumes that you will fall to your own knife from the VVD, now that you are babbling to Sophietje Bags Carrier that Mark Rutte only has eighteen days left to deal with the gasping CDA and the two come-in-with-you servant parties D66 and ChristenUnie to devise solutions to drastically limit the influx of asylum seekers and drastically increase the outflow.

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In any case: “critically weigh” and “do not exclude anything” mean nothing to the VVD.

Then Mark Rutte comes to the VVD fraction again, he makes it clear that whoever is going to mutiny can forget about extending parliamentary membership or a further career anyway, and afterwards Sophietje Bagsdrager can pretend that the faction has “a spirited conversation” with Rutte. ” has conducted.

And then you repeat that tough-sounding “a spicy conversation” about 40, 45 times in every microphone that the lip service boys and girls of the State Broadcasters hold for your slippery Brabant baby face.

But Caroline van der Plas makes another fallacy.

‘Her’ summer is not ‘your’ summer.

It assumes astronomical summer.

It does indeed start in eighteen days.

But you never wrote that Sophietje Carrier and you meant the astronomical summer.

In fact, a child can still understand that Mark Rutte cannot solve the problem of the asylum tsunami that VVD secretaries of state such as Klaas Dijkhoff, Mark Harbers, Ankie Broekers-Knol and Eric van der Burg have only made bigger in ten years in eighteen days. dissolve.


Of course you meant the meteorological summer!

In which starts on… June 1.

So Rutte does not get 18 days from you to “come to a package of measures”, but… 364 days (because 2024 is also a leap year).

I don’t rule out the fact that you came home happy last night to Karlijn and little Féline after the VVD congress.

And that she asked: “How was your day, kittie?”

And that you replied: “Super cool, doll!”

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“Tell me, sweetie!”

“Well, that Van der Plas fell into the trap with his eyes open! We said, ‘Before summer…’, so they immediately respond with: ‘So eighteen more days…’ and this very childish popcorn emoji. While of course we meant the summer that starts on June 1, 2024. Bite, bite, bite, she did.”

“Then I understand that she looks like her, hahaha! Oh, genius, sweet sweetheart of mine! Come here and give me a hug!”

You’re all glowing.

And because the mood was great, you even dared to ask Karlijn that one question that you should never ask her.


“Dear Karlijn, can I now take something from the candy jar? Please, please…”

“You can take something from the candy jar, Rubiepoepie from me!”

And it was restless for a long time in Huize Brekelmans.

Meanwhile, African smugglers bought extra seaworthy ships to provide the Netherlands with more, more, more economic fortune seekers…



PS. Gift! For in a few years. Maybe.

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