The Voice of Poland. Who was eliminated in the quarter-finals? Who made it to the semi-finals?

After a week of break he returned to the program as a co-host Maciej Musiał. One of the special guests was a trainer from the first edition of “The Voice of Poland” Ania Dąbrowska. The singer sang her song “With you I can’t win”. Earlier, however, she told how she felt sitting in the coaching chair.

The team was the first to compete in the program Urszula Dudziak. Jędrzej Skiba on the stage “The Voice of Poland” he sang the song “Watermelon sugar” performed by Harry Styles. Michał Szpak assessed the performance as successful, although he confessed that he would like the boy to be “more predatory”. Urszula Dudziak however, she was delighted with her charges.

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Then she appeared on the stage of “The Voice of Poland” Anna Malek. She sang the song Varius Manx “Mobile Sand”. Edyta Górniak she said:

Tomson agreed with Edyta Górniak. Quite the Baron was of a different opinion. Trainer Anny Malek, Urszula Dudziak however, she was satisfied.

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She was the last of the star’s team to appear on stage Martyna Zygadło. She sang the song “River Deep Mountain High” by Tiny Turner. Tomson and Edyta Górniak they said the performance was “too heavy”. This is what the singer said, pointing to mistakes:

Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Urszula Dudziak in “The Voice of Poland”

Urszula Dudziak she did not agree with the previous speakers.

Jędrzej Skiba and Martyna Zygadło went to the semi-finals of “The Voice of Poland”.

The rest of the text is below the video:

“The Voice of Poland”: what happened in the quarter-finals?

Then another special guest appeared on stage, which she was Ala Tracz, Polish representative at Eurovision Junior 2020. She performed her song “I’ll be standing”.

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Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Ala Tracz w “The Voice of Poland”

Then the team appeared on the stage of “The Voice of Poland” Edyta Górniak. He went first Ignacy Błażejowski. He sang the song by The Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Michał Szpak he was delighted and appreciated the talent of the participant. She echoed him Edyta Górniak. There was one thing she didn’t like.

Another one on stage sang Anna Gąsienica-Byrcyn. Wykonała “You know I’m no good” Amy Winehouse. Urszula Dudziak she was delighted with the performance of the participant of “The Voice of Poland”, a Michał Szpak he was charmed. Edyta Górniak also praised her player.

Then she stood on stage Anna Nadkierniczna. She sang the song “Czaswopalni” by Maryla Rodowicz. Tomson i Baron They were happy. Urszula Dudziak she had a similar opinion. Edyta Górniak she did not hide the fact that she was delighted with the performance.

Edyta Górniak’s team passed to the semi-finals of “The Voice of Poland” Anna Gąsienica-Byrcyn and Anna Nadkierniczna.

Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Edyta Górniak in “The Voice of Poland”

Edyta Górniaksaying goodbye to the participant who had dropped out, she said with tears in her eyes:

The fans of “The Voice of Poland” did not like the fact that Jędrzej Skiba from Urszula Dudziak’s team advanced to the semi-finals. The decision to eliminate Ignacy Błażejowski from Edyta Górniak’s team was also incomprehensible to them. The comments on Instagram were in turmoil.

The team also performed on the stage of “The Voice of Poland” Michał Szpak. He was the first to sing Mikołaj Macioszczyk. He performed the piece by Krzysztof Krawczyk “I wanted to be”. Edyta Górniak she gave him a standing ovation. Urszula Dudziak she was also delighted with the participant’s performance. Michał Szpak he said:

The next one was Mateusz Psonak. He sang “Hotel California” by the Eagles band. Tomson i Baron they thought it was “a very good performance”. Urszula Dudziak she was pleased. Michał Szpak he said:

As the third of the team Michał Szpak in “The Voice of Poland” he sang Krystian Ochman. He performed “Just Ask Me To Dance” by Anna Jantar. Edyta Górniak with tears in her eyes, she said:

Krystian Ochman and Mikołaj Macioszczyk went on to the next stage from the team of Michał Szpak.

Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Michał Szpak in “The Voice of Poland”

Then on stage Another special guest Michael Patrick Kelly appeared singing “Beautifull madness”.

Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Michael Patrick Kelly w “The Voice of Poland”

Finally, she appeared in “The Voice of Poland” Tomson and Baron team. Bartosz Utracki he sang “Somewhere only we know” by Keane. Urszula Dudziak she said the participant “sang stunning”. Michał Szpak he was delighted. Just like the coaches of Bartosz Utracki Tomson i Baron.

Natalia Szczypuła performed “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Edyta Górniak she did not hide her admiration. They echoed her Tomson i Baron. At the end he sang in “The Voice of Poland” Adam Kalinowski. Wykonał “Nothing compares to you” Sinead O’Connor. Michał Szpak found no errors, a Edyta Górniak appreciated Tomson and Baroncomplimenting their group.

Natalia Szczypuła and Adam Kalinowski went to the semi-finals of “The Voice of Poland” from the team of Tomson and Baron.

Photo: Jan Bogacz / TVP

Baron i Tomson w “The Voice of Poland”

In a week’s time we will find out who will sing in the finale of “The Voice of Poland”.

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