“The Voice of Poland”: The battles have started. Who has dropped out of the program?

In the 11th season of “The Voice of Poland” the stage of battles has started. She said goodbye to the program, among others Michalina Lech and Magda Lasota. A lot of emotions aroused the performance of Piotr Wolski and Agata Wyszyńska, who performed Piotr Szczepanik’s piece “Kochać”.

Coaches during battles in “The Voice of Poland” / Jan Bogacz / TVP / press materials

The next stage after the blind auditions – battles – is one of the most interesting moments of the TVP talent show. During it, the coaches put their pupils into duets and trios. The participants compete for the favor of the jury, who can only take one singer to the knockout. Other trainers may decide to steal, which they can do without limit in this edition. However, only one stolen participant will go to the next phase of the show.

In the first battle that the audience saw that evening, it took place between the team members Michał Szpak. They stood on the stage Mateusz Psoniak i Monika Miedzianowska, and the trainer chose for them the song by Meskie Grania “Sobie i się” (check it out!).

“I had the impression that Monika is not as relaxed as Mateusz,” he said Baron. “Mateusz, there is something about you that convinces me. Monika sounds very nice, but there were a bit too many of them” – he added Tomson. “I’m hungry,” she said Edyta Górniakwho felt the participant was too conservative and the participant wanted too much. “You have created a very nice duo” – commented Szpak and took Psoniak to the next stage for a knockout.

The first duo in the team of Edyta Górniak was created by – Ola Matyka i Natalia Cwajna. The trainer chose them the song “I Will Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga (listen!).

“Ola, you have a very interesting voice. It was a bit dirty, but you sang from the heart” – commented Urszula Dudziak. Tomson was not very pleased with the performance. “There was a lot of pathos, a little too much pathos. There was no need to add it,” he said. “Stress knocked out both of them” – said Górniak and mentioned the mistakes of both participants. Despite many shortcomings, the trainer chose Matyka, while Szpak and Dudziak pressed the theft button. Cwajna – despite Dudziak’s verbal efforts, which made Szpak amused – chose the coach.

In the first battle with Urszula Dudziak they were put together Sylwia Wysocka i Magda Lasota. The trainer chose the song for the participants “Weather shower” (check it out!) By Hanna Banaszak. “Zero worries, no stress” – encouraged the singer before Dudziak’s performance.

“I liked a few subtleties that appeared in Sylwia” – Gorniak admired. Szpak thanked Dudziak for the song selection and the participants for their performance. “You gave us a lot of joy,” said Baron. “Serenity is something that will save us now,” he added. Dudziak decided on Sylwia Wysocka, but before she made her decision, Tomson and Baron saved Lasota, making their friend from the jury happy.

Tomson i Baron for the first battle in their team they chose Hamzę Aboumachaara i Michalina Lipińska. The coaches chose Michael Jackson’s hit “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (check it out!). After the performance, the duo received a lot of compliments.

“You won this battle, Hamza” – Szpak summed up briefly, while Górniak was impressed by Lipińska. “It’s worth coming here for such interpretations,” admitted Tomson. “I’m glad you guys got along well,” Baron said. Gentlemen z Afromental They put on Hamza, Michalina was stolen by Edyta Górniak.

Edyta Górniak was delegated to the next battle Anna Nadkierniczna i Kasia Miernik-Jeremias. The song “Hey You” (check it out!) chosen by the trainer turned out to be extremely problematic, which irritated Górniak during the rehearsals.

“Each of you had good moments, but also bad moments. I am not able to choose any of you, because you are a harmonious duo” – admitted Szpak. Górniak decided to take Anna Nadkierniczna to the next stage. Miernik-Jeremias took Urszula Dudziak to her team. “I couldn’t sleep in peace if I hadn’t,” she said

The second battle at Urszula Dudziak’s fate was intertwined Martyna Zygadło i Michalina Lech. The trainer chose for them the great hit of Aretha Franklin “Respect” (check it out!).

After the performance of both participants, Górniak turned to the problematic ending and decided that both participants were too withdrawn. Tomson stood up for them. “You were perfectly prepared. You kept us in suspense all the time” – praised the vocalists Szpak. Dudziak decided that Martyna Zygadło would go to the knockout.

The duo in the second battle with Tomson and the Baron created Piotr Wolski i Agata Wyszyńska. The members of Afromental their charges a piece of the recently deceased Piotr Szczepanik – “Kochać” (listen!). After the performance, all the coaches were devastated by what happened on the stage.

“I didn’t like it to the end. Agata sang too much, and Piotr did not even have time to show who he is” – burned out Górniak. “I didn’t understand it. And you got so beautiful. I don’t know what happened on this stage. It looked more like a rehearsal than the main performance” – said Szpak, extremely disappointed.

Participants’ mentors also commented sharply about their participants, who decided that such a weak performance must have been the result of too much stress. Despite praise for Wyszyńska, Tomson and Baron took Piotr Wolski with them. Agata was stolen by Michał Szpak, thus Natalia Cwajna said goodbye to the program.

The last battle of the evening took place in the team of Michał Szpak. Szymon Czyżewski i Paweł Sznajder received from their coach to sing “The Lazy Song” (check it out!) Bruno Mars. The jurors were delighted with the performance of the young singers.

“A very nice, even duel” – said Górniak. The starling was also pleased with what he saw. He bet on Szymon Czyżewski, and Tomson and Baron stole Sznajder. So Magda Lasota dropped out of the show.

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