“The Voice” – Confusion about the meatball rule: what do you mean about it?

Even fellow coachmen only understood the train station …

“Silbermund” star Stephanie Kloss, 37, caused some confusion on Friday night in “The Voice of Germany”. When the singer long commented on a Rea Garvey tag team meeting (49), the content somehow fell by the wayside. In the end, everyone was wondering: what exactly was she trying to say?

Three talents on stage gave me goosebumps. Candidate Yasiya Levchenko (18) competed against twin brothers Clemens and 30-year-old Lucas King. Her song: “Somewhere Only We Know” by British rock group Keane.

Yasiya’s rivalry against twins Clemens and Lucas King

Photo: ProSieben / SAT.1 / André Kowalski

Already during the rehearsals I was moved. Yasiya told the men how she and her family had escaped the war in Ukraine. Show of German actors: a small ray of hope for young talents. Yasya: “My parents always dreamed that I would participate in ‘The Voice of Ukraine’.

What hurts him most is that his father stayed in Ukraine to defend his country. As in blind auditions, the 18-year-old sang especially for him. It was a great performance with lots of applause and standing ovations. Mentor Rhea is very proud: “I am very happy. You did a great job.”

Compare the Stephanie Kloss twins with a bicycle

Compare the Stephanie Kloss twins with a bicycle

Photo: ProSieben / SAT.1 / André Kowalski

Stephanie Kloss also wanted to say something to the trio, but spoke with awkward portraits. Musician: “I think we got two kinds of gifts on stage today.” On the twins: “Lucas and Clemens are the gift I looked at a little more: it’s a bike for sure. You can’t wait because you know what you’re getting.”

Mark Forster (39) had already lost the thread here. “bike?” The comparison made no sense to him. His colleague explained to the two brothers: “Well, I say you were a very reliable bank. They know each other very well. “” Yes, it’s like they know each other very well, “Mark replied, amused by his side. The audience’s first laugh.

But Stephanie isn’t done yet. Describing Yasya as a “fortune bag” where you never know what’s going to happen, Forster put him back on the show: “Pencil, chocolate … there’s always something inside.” “You know what I mean,” the singer commented with a broad smile and a “No”.

The moderator, 38-year-old Thore Schölermann, then joined in the exchange, asking Forster to translate what he had just heard from candidate Yasya. The Joker did not take long to ask him and explain in English: «Steve said the two were a kind of bicycle seat. And you are a bag full of pens. Mark Lecia: “I think Stephanie thought they were good enough. I have no idea.”

Finally, Rhea had the last word. Who should send him to the next round? A very difficult decision for the coach. “I have a feeling the road doesn’t end here for the three of them.”

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