The virus is already present in December 2019 in Milan and Turin, in the wastewater…

7: 30am : WHO’s the hope of hundreds of millions of vaccines before 2021

“We start from the assumption that we might have some hundreds of millions of doses at the end of this year, very optimistic,” said the scientific director of the WHO, Soumya Swaminathan, adding : “We hope that by 2021, we will have two billion doses of one, two or three effective vaccines “.

More than 200 vaccine candidates are under study around the world, and a dozen ongoing clinical trials. “If we have a lot of luck, there will be one or two candidates before the end of this year,” she said during a virtual press conference.

Three population groups should be primarily vaccinated : the front-line workers such as doctors and police officers, the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, persons living in high transmission settings such as urban slums and the homes of health.

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