“The virus? In the pizzeria” And with a lie he sends 1.7 million into lockdown

He said he contracted the Covid after having dinner in one pizzeria but, in reality, it was a lie. Thus, a 36-year-old Spaniard, employee of the “offending restaurant”, sparked an uproar in the quiet city of Adelaide, Australia, forcing nearly 2 million people to lockdown. Exposed by the authorities, he now risks a complaint for alarm.

“I caught the virus in a pizzeria”

It all started last Wednesday night. After discovering he was positive for the virus, the 36-year-old Spaniard told the contact tracing authorities that he contracted the infection at Adelaide’s Woodville Pizza Bar, where he stopped to have a pizza. Fearing that the stop could have generated a cluster, the health officials considered it appropriate to arrange not only the closure of the restaurant but also that of the entire city. In fact, in those hours, 36 new Covid cases had been ascertained in the Australian capital, none of which attributable to a specific outbreak. A valid reason to believe that the “bomb” had been triggered inside the room and that, soon, the infections would have multiplied. So, as a preventative measure, the lockdown for the entire region of South Australia: 1.7 million people ended up in home isolation.

An entire region closed for a lie

According to what we learn from Sydney Morning Herald, it was a lie beautiful and good. In reality, the man worked as an employee right inside the pizzeria where he said he had contracted the infection. Contact tracing officers unmasked him after ascertaining that the infection had started from a security officer who worked in the same room as the 36-year-old. Having ascertained the truth, the lockdown closes from today, three days earlier than expected with only three new cases registered. But “the liar” will not get away easily: “To say that I am angry is an understatement“State Premier Steven Marshall said.”We are appalled by the actions of this individual and we carefully evaluate the consequences that will follow“added South Australia’s highest office.” The authorities announced the creation of a special task force to “examine the circumstances of the incident and investigate to determine if the laws have been violated“At first, the police had stated that lying to the operators in charge of tracking is not a crime but, in light of what happened, it is likely that the rule will be revised.

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