The virtuoso jazz trio “Vein” from Switzerland will perform in Dzintari Concert Hall

November 1 at At 5 pm in the cycle “Jūrmala Jazz” the virtuoso jazz trio from Switzerland – “Vein” will perform with the only concert in Dzintari Concert Hall. The prestigious The Guardian has described them as “one of the most exciting jazz ensembles in Europe”. According to Dzintari Concert Hall public relations specialist Mārtiņš Pučka, together with the Latvian Radio Big Band, they will play special arrangements for the big band from the critically acclaimed trio programs “Vein Plays Ravel” and “Symphonic Bop”.

Founded in Basel, the Vein trio is an expressive jazz ensemble that has received numerous awards and accolades from European jazz critics such as Rolling Stone, Jazz Wise Magazine, Frankfurter Zeitung and Jazzspecial Copenhagen.

The band’s name, vein, perfectly embodies the style of the trio – Michael Arben (piano), Thomas Lens (double bass) and Florian Arben (drums), which embraces the power of the jazz tradition while reinforcing it with classical musical treasures. All the members of the trio “Vein” feel equally good in the complex scores of contemporary music and in the free use of the language of jazz improvisation, “says M.Pučka.

The trio “Vein” has released a total of 12 albums. Their latest performance is the highly acclaimed “Vein Plays Ravel” by music critics and listeners, which perfectly reveals the special musical color of this trio – a combination of jazz passion, energy and masterful improvisation with European classical music masterpieces, fragments of which we will hear in a concert at Dzintari Concert Hall.

The concert of the trio “Vein” in Dzintari Concert Hall will take place within the cycle “Jūrmala Jazz”, which offers listeners to enjoy the performances of outstanding jazz musicians from all over the world. The staff of Dzintari Concert Hall pays special attention to the safety of all listeners and artists. The strictest precautionary measures have been implemented in cooperation with the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.


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