The viral theory of a Pokémon Sword and Shield fan about Leon and Rose

Almost two years after its release, the Pokémon community continues to discover nuances of Sword and Shield and theorizing of the game. A fan has explained one that has gone viral, which gives a huge twist to the game’s plot.

In 2019, players in the Pokémon series reached the eighth generation with the release of Sword and Shield. This installment introduced a new region, Galar, based in the United Kingdom.

Although the game has its positive points, a part of the community thinks that the story could have been a lot better. However, we could have a twist that we did not see at the time if a fan theory turns out to be true.

This viral theory of Pokémon Sword and Shield gives new nuances to the game

Rose, Leon, the ten year plan and why it couldn’t wait another day from r/pokemon

From now on we are going to have a lot of spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game, be careful. One of the most repeated complaints of Generation 8 was its main villain, as Director Rose had a rather absurd plan that ended abruptly.

However, with this fan’s theory, things change a lot. Basically, Rose would have done a plan 10 years ago to make Leon the champion so that he could capture Eternatus one day.

Their plans would go to hell if the player manages to defeat Leon and be crowned champion. That is why there is the famous phrase of “I can’t wait another day.” Because, if we wait one more day, Leon could lose his title and the person with that title would not be associated with Rose in any way.

Many fans have considered this theory as good, commenting that, if true, would give a little more sense to the game. Either way, it’s far from confirmed, but at least it would make the game’s plot a little better.

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