The viral expression of CR7 when futsal star Ricardinho talks about regeneration


Cristiano Ronaldo viral through one of his expressions when his compatriot, Ricardo, talk about regeneration. Shortly before, CR7 confirmed that he wanted to continue playing Euro 2024, when he was 39 years old.

An awards ceremony was held this week in Portugal, the Gala Quinas de Ouro 2022. At the celebration of the Portuguese Football Association, Ronaldo was invited to receive the award.

When he took the stage to receive the award, the 37-year-old player who played in England with Manchester United confirmed his determination to continue playing. Even up to Euro 2024 when he was almost ‘head four’.


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At the same event, there are Ricardo who received the award. Like Ronaldo, the figure who is touching Indonesia with the futsal club Warriors United is also in the ranks of Portuguese sporting legends.

What distinguishes Ricardinho Ronaldowith the age of both 37 years, it is that he announced his retirement from the Portuguese national team.

When he received the award on stage, Ricardinho explained the reasons for his retirement from the international level. He wants to give the new generations the opportunity to take his place in the national team.

Well, when Ricardinho was talking about regeneration, the camera highlighted Cristiano Ronaldo. His expression in listening to the words of his compatriot has gone viral.

Seeing Ronaldo’s expression, some thought he had a sour face because he felt offended by Ricardinho’s words, encouraged to resign for the sake of the regeneration of Portugal’s futsal squad.

“Being able to know when to go is part of being a great person. Some great characters like Ricardinho, others are still stuck with past glories,” said one netizen.

There are those who defend Ronaldo. Some felt that the cameraman deliberately wanted itframing CR7 seemed not to like Ricardinho’s words on stage. Others have mentioned physical issues.

“The difference is Ricardo he has had a season with many injuries and barely played, while Ronaldo has just had a season in which he is the club’s top scorer. “

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