The Vikings storming the city of Lèves: back in pictures!

Men, women and children wearing tunics, breeches, capes, coats and breeches. There was something to be out of place in Lèves this Saturday, July 9, 2022.

On the occasion of the Viking Festival, the town of Lèves allowed the public to travel through time. Jumping back eleven centuries, the hundreds of people who came to the site were able to discover life and combat techniques in the Middle Ages.

The craftsmanship of the time was honored in the violin making workshops, glass work, food products and drinks of the time. The public could observe the brewing of beer or the making of outfits or meals. The children were able to practice archery, games of strength and skill.

On the occasion of the feast of the Vikings, Luc Arbogast fills the church of Lèves

live shows

Several musical wanderings took place. “The Great Viking Battle” and “Roland and the Miracle of the Virgin”, presented by Artisans d’histoire and Machina Silente, were the two key shows of the day. The first offered a demonstration of battles between Viking soldiers. The second, more scripted, represented the battle of Rollo, a Viking leader, against the armies of the Frankish kingdom.

“A show specially created for the municipality of Lèves”, says Brigitte Moreau, culture and entertainment assistant. The town has partnered with various local associations for the organization and groups of artists from all over France.

Sunday, from 10 a.m., reconstitution of a Viking village, presentation of the sacred relic, musical wanderings and show at 4 p.m.

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Viking Festival in Lèves: ask for the program for July 8, 9 and 10!

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